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Customized Kitting and Packaging

Beawest Fasteners in Kent Washington is a leading supplier of kitting & packaging of fasteners and components for a wide range of industries.  We have developed reliable processes that ensure product consistency and quality while remaining cost-effective.

Whether you need parts bagged, boxed, or put into plastic or metal bins, Beawest can fulfill your requirements.

Beawest Kitting & Packaging services include:

  •   Use of only  durable poly bags, cartons, or boxes, so that product is not lost or damaged
  •   Packaging process that is designed to provide the exact count of each part in the bag
  •   Inspection of parts before packaging to ensure conformance to specifications
  •   Personalization of kits with custom labels or printing or barcodes.
  •   Insertion of customer provided materials – instruction sheets, parts, etc.

These services are simple, effective solutions to customers seeking consistency and quality while minimizing cost.